Do you want to buy an iPhone on Black Friday?

Ok ok ok, you have made it your goal to buy an iPhone this year on November 25th, 2022. Don’t worry, we won’t stop you! But let’s take our time and take a look at all the ways you can best get your dream cell phone without making your wallet cry and without producing any more e-waste. 

In general, let me tell you one thing: you don’t have to wait for Black Friday 2022 to get the best iPhone deals. At Back Market, we make it our mission to offer great deals all year round. Cheers to used iPhones that have been refurbished by experts. 

The first step is done…

you choose a renewed iPhone from Back Market, but which model should it be? The new iPhone 12 is impressive – very impressive – but so are last year’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models . In fact, we think these are some of the best  iPhone 11 Black Friday deals to take advantage of this year.

4 reasons why you might be hesitant to buy a used iPhone this Black Friday

Best Black Friday iPhones

Despite the excellent deals one can get for a refurbished iPhone, many are concerned that they might end up with a device with an old battery. Still others are concerned that they might get a device with scratches. Here are some reasons why people fear buying a used iPhone and what Back Market is doing to allay those concerns:

Low batteries

Back Market’s partner companies’ technicians perform a thorough inspection of the device before they sell it to you. One of these checks involves connecting the phone to a scanner that evaluates the battery life cycle. If a battery in a used iPhone doesn’t meet our strict criteria, we’ll replace it with a new one BEFORE we sell it to you . This way, you don’t have to worry about your used iPhone coming with a low battery.


We all want to save money on an iPhone, but some of us really want an iPhone that looks and feels like new. And even the smallest scratch would take away that feeling. For this reason, Back Market has grades of quality for your refurbished equipment, with some equipment even coming with a more detailed description to further describe any imperfections. If you want your device to be in perfect condition, be sure to select the “Excellent” quality level.

Is a used smartphone disinfected?

Some of you don’t like the thought of buying a used iPhone that might still have germs from the last person. If you buy a used iPhone privately from someone, you have no guarantee that the device was thoroughly cleaned before it was sold. But when you buy from one of Back Market’s certified sellers, you can rest assured that your device has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected by professionals.

Status Icon

Perhaps you see the latest iPhone as a status symbol . Maybe you think it’s cool to buy the latest iPhone every year. But to be honest, that kind of belief isn’t good for your wallet or the environment. Millions of pounds of waste are created every year because people get rid of their devices too soon, and the mining of new materials to make all the new iPhones also harms the planet.

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at the two iPhones that are   the best value for money this Black Friday 2022 🙂

Is the iPhone 11 refurbished a good deal?

What makes the iPhone 11 so special? We all know how much Apple loves to throw out fancy marketing names for all of its iPhone features, but the A13 Bionic processor inside the iPhone 11 really is no joke .

The special thing about the new bionic processor

As much as I love Android, Apple has overtaken Android in the chip department year after year. Apple chips are slightly faster than the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon chips used in competing Android flagships. And because these chips are so fast, you can trust them to perform very well for many years to come.

Long software updates

Plus, Apple’s software updates ensure you’ll continue to get all the latest iPhone features for years to come. You’re lucky if your Android phone is still updating 2 years after its release – unless it’s a Google Pixel – but it’s not uncommon for Apple to drop software support for more than To get 5 years after the phone’s release – and that’s pretty crazy (in a good way).

So if you buy an iPhone 11 on Black Friday  , you can expect to receive software updates until at least 2025 – yes, that’s a long time.

Who should buy the iPhone 11 Pro for Black Friday 2022?

The iPhone 11 Pro on Black Friday has the same chip as the iPhone 11, but the main differences are mainly the size and the improved camera .

The size of the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is slightly smaller than the base 11 model, meaning it’s easier to grip and use with one hand. However, if you enjoy watching videos and reading a lot of articles on your phone, you might prefer the iPhone 11’s larger screen. However, as I often use my phone with one hand, I personally prefer the shape of the 11 Pro.

The OLED display of the iPhone 11 Pro

Plus, the 11 Pro has a higher-contrast OLED display than the iPhone 11’s LCD display. Without getting too technical, all this basically means is that the iPhone 11 Pro has more vibrant colors. But that doesn’t mean that the iPhone 11 comes with a bad screen by default. Both devices have really sharp and colorful screens, and it’s hard to see much of a difference between the colors on the two screens – even when holding the devices side by side.

The camera that really convinces us

There’s also a slight difference when comparing the cameras of these two devices: the iPhone 11 Pro has an additional telephoto lens to improve close-up and portrait photography . Both devices have impressive night modes to capture amazing detail without a flash, even in low light conditions. A feature you won’t find on older iPhones like the XS or XR.

Small but subtle difference

The iPhone 11 Pro has a matte finish as opposed to a glossy coating. So your choice between these devices can also depend on which exterior coating you prefer.

Honestly, most users would probably be happy just to get an iPhone 11, but if these extra features interest you, it might be worth spending a few extra bucks and getting yourself a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro.

Again for everyone to take notes

Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy a used iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, the key takeaway from this article is that both devices are very sensible choices for Apple Black Friday  . An iPhone 11 offers the best value, while the iPhone 11 Pro gives you a slightly more premium feel and features.

Whichever device you choose, rest assured that one of these two devices will get you a great Black Friday iPhone deal . And since we’re committed to providing affordable iPhones all year round, don’t feel pressured to shop on Black Friday! We always try our best to keep our prices competitive, so feel free to check back whenever you’re ready to buy. 

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