Black Friday The 10 most important questions

Black Friday is an event that many people look forward to with excitement every year. But when exactly was Black Friday again? Where does this trend actually come from? And when exactly do I get the best offers? We answer these questions and more in this article!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday – “Schwarzer Freitag” in German – is an annual event in November where retailers and sellers offer extreme discounts on their products. In Germany, the action takes place mainly online , but you will also find plenty of interesting offers in stores in find the city.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday The 10 most important questions

When is Black Friday you wonder?
Black Friday 2022 begins November 25, 2022 , at midnight for most sellers. In 2023 on November 24th and 2024 Black Friday begins on November 23rd.

How long is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday traditionally lasts exactly 24 hours , i.e. a whole Friday. However, in recent years this event has become the most important sales promotion for retailers, which is why many offer their offers for a whole week, from the Monday before Black Friday to the Monday after.

There are even some exceptions where you can snag great deals at certain brands and retailers throughout November .

Origin of Black Friday: Why is it called Black Friday?

The term “Black Friday” appeared in the United States in the 1950s. It refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Back then, many employees took a day off on Fridays and did their first Christmas shopping before leaving for the weekend, which led to traffic jams on the shopping streets. That’s why Black Friday is also called Black Friday!

When do you get the best deals?

Don’t panic, you’ll get top deals all day long, especially on November 25th . However, if you have your eye on limited goods or don’t feel like standing in line for a long time in the city, it is of course a good idea to go bargain hunting early in the morning. 🏹 Because the early bird catches the worm!

It’s worth comparing different brands and offers to make sure you’ve found the best price. Don’t be fooled either: It’s best to look at the prices at the beginning of the month , because sometimes companies even raise their prices on Black Friday!

However, for electronic products such as smartphones , laptops or household appliances , you can save yourself the stress and simply visit Back Market . Here you get up to – 70 percent on all products all year round and can therefore put together your purchase in a relaxed manner.

Where does Black Friday come from?

Black Friday is originally a tradition from the USA 🇺🇲 and was also introduced in Europe in 2006 thanks to Apple . In Germany, Black Friday has been on a large scale since 2013. For many brands, Black Friday is one of the most important events of the year, which means you can find great deals in pretty much every product category , whether fashion, decoration, make-up, hygiene products, electronics or food, everything is included.

Which stores participate in Black Friday?

As already mentioned, you will find great deals in numerous shops on Black Friday: Whether Sephora, Ikea, Zalando or H&M… online and also in the city there are discounts on clothing, furniture, decoration and much more.

For tech products like iPhones, Nespresso machines, Nintendo Switch or MacBooks you should visit Back Market. There are great offers here 365 days a year. So you don’t have to wait until the end of November to finally afford your new smartphone, just treat yourself now or when you feel like it and not when it’s Black Friday.  

Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday?

The main difference between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is of course the dates of these two events. One takes place on Friday and the other on the following Monday . In addition, Black Friday can take place in both physical and online stores, while Cyber ​​Monday is exclusively online. Either way, there are very interesting prizes on both days. 

Black Friday or sale?

There are great bargains to be had  both on Black Friday 2022 and during a sale.

Black Friday is a global phenomenon which is a special commercial day and brands and stores offer special offers on their products. A sale is usually an individual promotion that gives the brand a quick and easy way to get rid of leftover stock.

But beware: Many companies produce more products EXTRA for Black Friday to suggest that they are “leftover stocks” or a very limited offer. 🤷 Don’t be fooled on Black Friday and look twice at the offer. 

Black Friday: how to limit the environmental impact on this day?

Black Friday is a commercial event that allows brands to make more money than other days of the year . It is therefore also a day of overconsumption, which leads to increased production, waste and material use, and thus has an extremely negative impact on our environment.

To counteract this pollution, it is simply best not to give in to the shopping madness and keep your wallet closed. However, if you really need a product and have opted for the Black Friday discounts, then focus on green labels, sustainable brands and used items! Clothing made from sustainable materials and recycled electronics are an ideal solution. 

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