How do I find the best tech deals

Black Friday has also been a successful event in Germany since 2013 and causes more brands and shops to offer incredible bargains and unbeatable deals year after year. However, one is now almost overwhelmed by the large number of offers. That’s why we give you 3 simple tricks on how to approach this buying event. Follow our guide so you don’t go completely insane and still get the best deals!

How do I find the best tech deals

Black Friday tip #1: Be flexible

Even if the iPhone is in the (price) league of high-end smartphones, many fans are looking for interesting offers for their favorite Apple product during Black Friday. Especially with a view to the appearance of the new iPhone 12, many Apple fans are hoping for a few good bargains that won’t eat a hole in their wallet.

Unfortunately, Apple is quite stubborn when it comes to the prices of its products and generally does not offer discounts. Therefore, you should consider whether it really has to be the new iPhone 14. If you are looking for an  iPhone Back Friday deal  , we have good news for you: you can find refurbished iPhones all year round at reasonable prices, which are usually well below the alleged  Black Friday offers of the competition.

We suggest you consider a refurbished phone. This is not only a lot cheaper, but is also much better for the environment. The Samsung Galaxy 10  or the  Huawei P30  have the same advantages of a modern iPhone, but at a far lower price. Thanks to professional refurbishment companies, the refurbished smartphones on Back Market are as good as new, but are up to 70% cheaper than new goods. In addition, on Back Market you will not only find great prices on Black Friday, but there are top deals to be had all year round.

Black Friday Tip #2: Don’t give up

Many of the Black Friday offers have a countdown or are limited to a certain number. Some are also provided with special conditions that are not immediately obvious at first glance. As a result, the offer you have chosen may suddenly no longer be available.

Either way, don’t get discouraged as there are plenty more deals to come! If you don’t feel like all the stress, just drop by Back Market, because here you can get refurbished technology 365 days a year for up to 70% cheaper than new: no countdown, no conditions, but with an extra 24-month guarantee!

Black Friday tip #3: Don’t just focus on one product

Maybe you’re totally hooked on AirPods and really want to own Apple’s top-of-the-line Bluetooth headphones. But have you also looked at the headphones from Bose , Sony or Beats ? Often there is the same quality as Apple, sometimes even better and on top of that at a lower price. Of course you are welcome to let off steam with the AirPods offers on Back Market, but if you are a little curious then just take a look at the other brands, you might be surprised! 

One last thing before you go

Even if our list only contains 3 tips, these are essential to get through  Black Friday 2022 successfully and with a clear head ! Black Friday is an incredibly exciting opportunity to get great deals and top offers and to treat yourself to things that you otherwise stay away from because your wallet is too small.

However, one should not just rush and grab everything, but reflect enough to ask oneself afterwards whether one really needs this product. Unnecessary purchases still cost money even with great offers and are above all a burden on the environment. 

Of course we don’t want to spoil the bargain hunt for you. However, we would be happy if you just pause before you hit each offer! Either way, we wish you a lot of fun on Black Friday!.

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