How to get cheap Beats headphones this Black Friday

Every day is Black Friday at Back Market

It’s hard to save money when buying a new pair of headphones. There is hardly an offer where you would save so much that at the end of the day you actually feel like you have made a good deal. But you also have to be particularly careful here, because behind so many “bargains” there are just bad deals and a lot of rubbish lurking.

An alternative idea is to look at the market for used and refurbished beats on a shopping holiday such as Black Friday 2022 . Because here you can easily save up to 70% of the original purchase price – and at the same time help to rid the planet of electronic waste: you save up to 300 g of electronic waste for each Beats headphone.

How to get cheap Beats headphones this Black Friday

How to save 300g of e-waste on one purchase?

Imagine: You buy a new device and the device that was already in use would then end up in the landfill because there is no longer any use for the device. However, by buying a used device, whether it’s headphones or a smartphone, you can avoid further electronic waste, since the device doesn’t end up in the garbage, but in your hands – and it’s refurbished and in top condition!

Are the Beats headphones worth their money?

Yes, but only if you can find them for less than 150 euros . Refurbished Beats headphones cost far less than new Beats; sound and look just as good.

Do they have good sound quality?

Beats may not sound as clean as competing headphones like Bose and Sennheiser , but they pack plenty of bass. Are they a little overhyped? Yes maybe, but the bass and design are worth it. If you’re an EDM or hip-hop fan, you’ll most likely like the tonal range of the Beat headphones ! The stylish Beats headphones get a big thumbs up from us. And whether you buy the Beats headphones on Black Friday or tomorrow, in 3 weeks or in a year – we don’t really care, because the price stays the same anyway. 

Are Beats headphones overrated?

If you need a lot of bass when listening to your music and want to wear them as a fashion statement, then Beats headphones are definitely worth it. However, we still recommend buying them completely overhauled, because nobody should voluntarily pay more money for them than they have to. For Apple lovers, it’s worth checking out our Black Friday AirPod deals  , available all year round.
Should I buy the Beats Solo or Studio headphones on Black Friday?

The Beats studio version is better at noise reduction, while we think the solo model is more comfortable – and better for casual listening. So the choice depends heavily on your listening habits and we are sure that you will make the right choice with Beats!

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