Huawei P30 Pro in Review

The luxury smartphone at a low price

In April 2019, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei presented the P30 Pro, a smartphone for price-conscious buyers who also value top equipment. The camera in particular received a lot of praise from experts . At the same time, however, many users wondered whether it was still worth buying a Huawei smartphone – keyword: US sanctions against the company and thus the waiver of all Google services.

For the Huawei P30 Pro , however, there is an all-clear here: It is the last smartphone that still works with Google Play and Co. Reason enough to dare a Huawei P30 Pro test:

Huawei P30 Pro Review

How does the top model from the P30 series fare in practice?

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The Huawei P30 Pro at a glance

In the spring of 2019, Huawei took on the challenge of measuring itself against strong competition such as Apple and Samsung. The manufacturer presented the P30 Pro as a new flagship with interesting inner values. The most important key data at a glance:

  • 6.47 inch Full HD+ display
  • either 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal memory
  • Huawei Kirin 980 processor
  • 8 gigabytes of memory
  • 4,200mAh battery
  • Triple camera with 40 megapixel main camera

What does this data tell us – and how does the Huawei P30 Pro fare in the test? First, let’s look at the outer shell.

Display and design: how chic is the Huawei P30 Pro?

The 6.47-inch screen already offers a good overview due to its generous dimensions. This is flanked by the extremely narrow edge. In this way, practically the entire display area is used. The notch, the opening for the front camera, is pleasantly small and is therefore hardly noticeable. The fingerprint scanner is also interesting. It is practically invisibly hidden in the display and works in a flash after only a short training period.

The smartphone does not have face recognition. However, this is hardly necessary due to the powerful fingerprint. On the contrary, smartphones with this feature are becoming fashionable again – face ID does not work under a mask anyway.

Huawei has given the P30 Pro an OLED display with strong color reproduction. The tones appear natural and clear, and the contrast values ​​are top. With a luminosity of a full 920 candelas, everything on the screen can still be seen clearly, even in bright sunlight. Candela is the unit of measurement for display brightness. For comparison: The Huawei P30 Lite  creates around 500 candela and is already pleasantly bright.

What about Full HD on the Huawei P30 Pro?

The Full HD+ resolution of 2340×1080 pixels is not optimal, but it is absolutely sufficient for a high-contrast display. It is also advantageous for the battery performance – we will come to this point in the next chapter.

The rounded glass case with the slightly sanded surface looks chic and feels good in the hand. With a weight of 192 grams, it is not one of the lightweights, which is not surprising given the format.

What colors are there on the Huawei P30 Pro?

We took a look at the colors and think it’s great that you have so many choices here. There really is something for every taste here:

  • black
  • Aurora (Blue Turquoise)
  • Breathing Crystal (Light Blue-Violet)
  • Amber Sunrise (red-orange)
  • Misty Lavender (Pink)
  • Mystic Blue (metallic blue)

Blazing-fast processor: what’s in the Kirin 980?

Our Huawei P30 Pro review wouldn’t be one without a close look at the smartphone CPU. With the Kirin 980, Huawei uses one of the fastest chips from 2019. It works with eight cores, two of which have a performance of 2.6 GHz. They are supported by 8 gigabytes of RAM. Overall, this results in stable, fluid performance – waiting times for apps and documents are a thing of the past.

The CPU and RAM are flanked by either 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal memory. However, if you need more, you have to make a decision: either a second SIM card can be inserted or an external memory card with which a maximum of another 512 gigabytes can be used. The Huawei smartphone relies on an in-house nano memory card. These cost a little more than the usual microSD cards and are available directly from the manufacturer.

What does the battery do?

A high endurance is one of the most important purchase criteria for a smartphone. The Huawei P30 also sleeps well in this discipline. Two factors ensure this: On the one hand, the Full HD+ resolution saves energy compared to higher values. On the other hand, Huawei integrates a battery with high performance. It works with 4,200 mAh (milliampere hours) and lasts more than 16 hours in the test with intensive use. Under less load even up to 50 hours are possible. You can therefore do without a power bank and charging cable on the go. The charging time is also pleasing. Huawei includes a quick charging cable that can be used to fully charge the smartphone in around 90 minutes.

In 2019, the Huawei P30 Pro catapulted itself to the top spots among the most enduring smartphones.

This has advantages for buying a refurbished model: you can expect to receive a device with a top battery, even if it is almost two years old.

The camera: Greetings from Leica

The Huawei smartphone P30 Pro caused a sensation with the camera – and for good reasons. Three Leica camera sensors promise first-class photo quality. An absolute novelty at the release was the fivefold optical zoom. Other manufacturers followed suit later, including Samsung with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was launched a year later. The camera at a glance:

  • 40 megapixel main camera with wide angle
  • 20 megapixel ultra wide angle camera
  • 8 megapixel zoom camera

The main and zoom sensors have an optical image stabilizer that supports blur-free photos. The zoom lens is supported by a hybrid telephoto that allows up to 10x magnification. The optical zoom works together with powerful software and brings the subject very close without any loss worth mentioning.

Thanks to the high-intensity sensor, you can take excellent pictures even in the twilight. The quality of portraits improves the so-called time-of-flight lens . It creates several blurred layers and thus natural effects in people close-ups.

We don’t find that so good in the camera test of the Huawei P30 Pro

A small minus point emerges in daily use: the fivefold zoom is a great feature, but sometimes oversized in everyday life. Unfortunately, only the main camera supports other telephoto settings. They work digitally and thus with visible image losses.

The video function supports 4K recordings, which is pleasing and produces crisp, sharp and colorful results. Unfortunately, there is also a small drawback here: In 4K, only 30 frames per second are recorded instead of 60, which is the standard today. The recordings appear less smooth than it would be possible. In Full HD, on the other hand, 60 frames per second are possible.

Conclusion: top performance with super zoom and endless battery

The Huawei P30 Pro test shows that the smartphone was one of the best on the market in 2019. In other comparisons, it was able to assert itself against strong competition such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the iPhone 11 Pro Max in terms of performance, battery and, above all, the camera. The inner values ​​make it a future-proof device that is still up to date almost two years after its release. That shouldn’t change anytime soon. Although the processor performance has been maximized since then – Huawei itself uses the Kirin 990 with an even faster response time in current devices – but this has hardly any impact on everyday use.

Should you buy the Huawei P30 Pro used?

The Huawei P30 Pro costs a lot less. The smartphone was already one of the affordable luxury models when it was launched on the market. As a refurbished device, you pay even less. Savings of 30 to 70 percent are possible, depending on the actual condition. This is how you buy a luxury smartphone at a bargain price and benefit from top condition. Although refurbished means second-hand, the devices are generally overhauled.

So you are on the safe side when it comes to battery performance and even small scratches or other quirks are removed. At Back Market, you also benefit from an extra 24-month guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee if, contrary to expectations, the Huawei P30 Pro does not meet your expectations. However, given the values, we can’t imagine that at all.

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