iPad Pro for Black Friday bargain hunters

As the name suggests, the iPad Pro is a real pro when it comes to the world of tablets! The iPad Pro saw the light of day for the first time on November 1st, 2015 and has already passed 5 generations since then. The latest only appeared earlier this year. Black Friday is just around the corner and for many of you it’s the perfect time to do some thorough research on the most interesting tech products. There is no Black Friday at Back Market, but of course we know what you need 😉 So we took a closer look at this high-end model of Apple tablets!

iPad Pro for Black Friday bargain hunters

The iPad Pro at a glance

With an improved camera, a larger touchscreen, much more memory and one or two integrated toys, the iPad Pro is truly the flagship son-in-law of iPads this Black Friday! After all, it is not for nothing that Apple has a 28% market share in the field of touch tablets and is thus far ahead of other competitors. 

For Black Friday 2022 you can choose from five different generations of the iPad Pro . Traditionally, all generations come with a 12.9″ screen and 11”. As of the 3rd iPad Pro generation, the home button has disappeared like it did with the iPhone X and the iPad is operated exclusively via touch. This means that the edges are thinner and the entire iPad automatically becomes smaller overall. 

Technically, the iPad Pro has been constantly improved with each generation and the newer the generation, the better the camera, the larger the memory and the higher the performance.The latest generation, the iPad Pro 202 1 , even comes with its very own operating system, the iPadOS .

An iPad Pro on Black Friday vs iPad & iPad Air & iPad Mini

Thanks to an Apple-typically proud price, many iPad fans are particularly looking forward to November 25th, Black Friday 2022 ! We’re not overly impressed with the special iPad Pro Black Friday deals . Overconsumption is a big thing on this day and we think that’s rather uncool , that’s why you won’t find any special Black Friday offers with us. Since our products have already had a life, but thanks to the refurbishment they work like new, we can offer you great prices all year round. And all of that in a sustainable way!

Especially the flagship of the Apple tablet elite, the iPad Pro is a particularly fun toy. Even fans with lighter wallets can afford this high-end tablet thanks to great iPad Pro offers. Of course, the other Apple tablet models are not to be scoffed at either:

  • The standard iPad has been convincing for years and is definitely a safe choice. It’s basically the smaller version of the Pro model.
  • The iPad Air, similar to the MacBook Air, is the model for nomads. If the classic iPad or the Pro model is too unwieldy, the compact iPad Air model offers an ideal alternative.
  • For very small hands and for occasional use, there is the iPad Mini . Overall around 35% smaller than the iPad Pro, the mini version is ideal for use as a mini computer for a quick surf check, or for gaming on the go.

Why you should buy the iPad Pro on Black Friday… or not?

We’ve mentioned it often enough, but just to make sure it resonates with every reader: Black Friday is the ideal time for many fans to look out for deals on an iPad Pro. A multitude of sellers offer breathtaking discounts and top offers that bring tears of joy to the eyes of every bargain hunter. However, it has to be said that Black Friday is not a great day, especially for the environment. The trend towards overconsumption is strongly supported by the many Black Friday offers, which not only throw away a lot of useful things, but also produce a lot unnecessarily.

An alternative to this is to buy used or refurbished products. Since many people want to get hold of expensive tech products cheaply on Black Friday, a refurbished alternative is particularly worthwhile. The best part? At Back Market there are great “Black Friday” prices 365 days a year , which means you’re not only doing something good for the environment, you don’t even have to wait for Black Friday promotions! So always keep in mind that when we talk about Black Friday, we actually mean our VERY normal cheap prices.


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