iPhone 14 Black Friday Deals

Find out the reasons why it is not worth buying the new iPhone 14 on Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday 2022

iPhone 14 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner and you might be thinking about buying the new Apple iPhone 14 . While most smartphone vendors encourage you to buy with discounts and supposedly time-limited offers, in this article we are going to show you the downsides of the iPhone 14 and Black Friday.

Apple didn’t improve enough on the iPhone 14

We have often complained on bestblackfridays that Apple only makes minor changes to its new smartphones in order to be able to release a new iPhone every year. But this year the technical improvements compared to the previous model were particularly small.

The two smartphones are almost identical in terms of design and even have the same display with the same resolution. As far as the rest of the case is concerned, there were no changes such as a higher dust or water resistance.

In the previous models, a better chip was always installed in the successor model. But this time Apple decided to put the same chip in the iPhone 14 as in the previous model. While there is an additional GPU core in the iPhone 14, this only marginally improves the processing power of the iPhone 14. The new A16 chip, on the other hand, is only available in the two Pro models. Also in terms of available memory, there is no change compared to the previous model.

The biggest improvement in the iPhone 14 is probably the larger aperture in combination with the larger camera sensor, which allows more image information to be recorded. People for whom the camera is particularly important would probably still prefer the Pro models. Only the Pro models have a 48-megapixel main camera and a telephoto lens. While the iPhone 14 only has the usual 12 megapixels.


Another reason not to buy an iPhone 14 on Black Friday is the sustainability aspect. By constantly buying the latest smartphone model, you support a consumer culture in which an unnecessarily large number of smartphones are produced and, as a result, more resources are wasted.

But not only the production of millions of new devices consumes enormous resources and emits CO₂, the massive sending of packages on Black Friday also leads to unnecessarily large CO₂ emissions.

Especially when it comes to shoes and clothing, most of the returns are for packages every year, as many companies have made it a business model to let their customers try them on at home. Although this may be more convenient, we recommend going to a clothing store.

While Apple has made strides in sustainability over the past few years, there are still many components that are difficult to repair by third parties. Due to its own business model, Apple often tries to set its own standards that are not compatible with other manufacturers. In many cases, this not only leads to customer annoyance, but also to more wasted resources.

An example of this is the so-called USB-C to Lightning cable, which is also used for charging the iPhone 14. Not only is the cable not compatible with other smartphones, it is also incompatible with other Apple products such as iPads.

In order to reduce electronic waste, it will only be possible to sell mobile phone cables with USB-C to USB-C in the EU from 2024. This is not only good for the environment, but also convenient for consumers. Unfortunately, Apple took a different turn on the iPhone 14 and installed a Lightning connector again.

High prices for few improvements

Although little has changed from the iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 compared to the transition from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12, current new prices are significantly higher than last year. Apple currently pays $1389 for a new iPhone 14 with 512 GB. This is 140 euros more than when the iPhone 13 was relaunched last year.

The prices for the extra memory were also increased compared to the previous year. The variant with 512 GB ($1389) costs a full $390 more than the cheapest variant with 128 GB ($999).

For comparison:  With smartphones where you can expand the memory with an SD card slot, there are already microSD cards from around 30 euros. The Caistoary Micro SD Card with 512 GB is currently available from Amazon for $28.89.

Buying new means buying at the highest price

The price drops particularly quickly in the first two years after the release of a new iPhone. There is a high probability that you will drive cheaper here if you wait a few months.

Many online retailers will tell you that you should buy on Black Friday to put psychological pressure on you to miss out on a particular offer. But the past has clearly shown that people who wait a few months longer almost always drive cheaper due to the rapid depreciation of new smartphones.

So don’t be fooled by seemingly one-time discounts, but buy your smartphone when you really want it.

Black Friday 2022 at bestblackfridays

Who needs Black Friday deals when you can buy cheap refurbished smartphones at Back Market all year round? Especially smartphones like the Apple iPhone 12, which came onto the market two years ago, have an excellent price-performance ratio.

This is because, unlike the Pro models, Apple has changed very little in the normal iPhones over the past two generations. With a refurbished iPhone 12 you get a smartphone that hardly differs from its successors in terms of performance in everyday life, but only costs about half.

Because all our smartphones have been checked by experts beforehand and repaired if necessary, you can play it safe at Back Market. We have an extra 24-month guarantee in addition to the 12-month legal guarantee.

Not only can you save a lot of money  with a refurbished iPhone 12 , you also support a sustainable business model that reduces electronic waste!

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