iPhone 8 Black Friday Deals

Are you already eagerly waiting for Black Friday to grab the hottest deals and best bargains for the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus? In this article, we’ll show you the easiest way to do this, and best of all: You don’t even have to wait until Black Friday!

iPhone 8 Black Friday Deals

iPhone 8 (Plus): Also an ideal choice on Black Friday 2022!

The Apple iPhone 8 series was released in 2017, four years ago. That’s a long time for a smartphone, but these two models are still very popular choices today! Comparatively strong performance and still innovative features make the iPhone 8 generation a long-running favorite. We usually point out in our articles that, especially in today’s world and the extremely high quality standard, you don’t always have to use the latest device. Older iPhones also have a modern interior and, especially if they have been overhauled by experts , this represents a cheap and sustainable alternative to new.

At Back Market, there are currently  iPhone 8 Black Friday  deals, for example, under 200 euros, the iPhone 8 Plus under 300 euros. With a 24-month extra guarantee and a 30-day right of return, you will hardly find a better price-performance ratio in the Apple world .

  • iPhone 8: from 170 euros (2017)
  • iPhone 8 Plus: from 240 euros (2018)

Highlights of the iPhone 8:

  • Good performance thanks to the A11 processor
  • Good photos and 4k video recording
  • Powerful screen
  • Up to 70% cheaper on Back Market
  • Find the full iPhone 8 review here

Highlights of the iPhone 8 Plus:

  • Dual photo sensor (better photos than iPhone 8)
  • sufficient storage capacity (64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB)
  • Strong resolution
  • Up to 70% cheaper on Best black Fridays

Why should you buy the iPhone 8 on Back Market this Black Friday?

There are two main arguments for this:

At Best Black Fridays you will find great prices all year round! So you don’t have to wait all year to finally secure the best prices on Black Friday 2022 with the use of your elbows and quick fingers. Instead, sit back, relax and find the ideal deals up to 70% cheaper than new with us on Back Market. You also get an extra 24-month guarantee on all products, as well as a 30-day return policy, which doesn’t exist everywhere! Our Black Friday iPhone offers are available all year round!

The second and actually best argument is that with your purchase you are doing something good for the environment at the same time. Especially on a global shopping day like Black Friday, when far too much is produced and bought anyway, buying refurbished is a great alternative. This not only saves you money, but also electronic waste.

Are the best deals only available on Black Friday?


Also on the remaining 364 days of the year! You can find discounts of 30%, 50% up to 70% with us all year round. So don’t stress, make yourself a relaxing tea (in summer it’s more refreshing of course) and then you can browse through our offer in a relaxed manner!

  • Our best iPhone 8 deals
  • Our Black Friday offers for the iPhone 8 Plus

Is it still worth buying an iPhone 8?

The question is also easy to answer: yes, buying an iPhone 8 is still worth it! The built-in technology is still 1A and with the iPhone 8 you are guaranteed the best value for money on the market.

We have written some helpful guides that can further help you with your smartphone selection:

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